luggage embargo?

Who knew? Apparently the airline places limits on pieces of luggage per person to certain countries. And apparently Haiti is one of those countries! I brought my three bags, expecting to pay the additional fees, when the ticket agent told me I was only allowed two. This luggage embargo runs  November 19 til January something. So I was “that girl.” You know the one, sitting on the floor at the ticket counter, repacking! Shoving Legos and toothpaste and a wide array of supplies in any space I could find to max out my 50 pound limits on the two suitcases allowed. But my bags are checked…I have a coffee in my hand…and I am on my way to Port au Prince!

5 thoughts on “luggage embargo?

  1. My thoughts and prayers go with you. May the work & touch of your hands and words & smiles of your lips bless the people around you and glorify the Lord! I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. So when I read this I thought of the commercials where the businessman is doing the “dance of excessive celebration” when finding out his “bags fly free.” I would love to see the commercial with the “dance of frantic repacking” 🙂 You poor girl! Another adventure begins… savor every moment!

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