gate 25

Just another quick random post as I wait for my connecting flight in Miami.

Bree called as I landed…when she asked what time my flight leaves, I said, “I really do not even know. I just need to get to gate 25 and then I will figure out my next step.”

As we chatted about life and living with a focus, we came back to the wisdom of looking for gate 25. So often, we live our lives focused on our plans and our future…and forget to savor the moments. By necessity, I was simply focused on my next step in this adventure…and in doing so it has opened up such peace for me…even when I needed to abandon a piece of luggage!

So…my bit of wisdom for now…is focus on the moment. Savor the little things…and be open to the opportunities that God will place in your path.

3 thoughts on “gate 25

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