TGIM? shout out to all moms!

Well…it is Monday…and I was ready for a true “Thank God it’s Monday” with a new recipe and all, but I was convinced to go with the $5 burger and a glass of cabernet sauvignon at Ray J’s!  You really cannot go wrong with a Patty Melt and a glass of red wine after work.  My new recipe may have to wait until Tuesday.

But on another note…I need to take the time to give props to all of the moms of “littles” out there!  I am a mom of a college girl…this is VERY different than a mom of a “LITTLE.”  First of all, I spend most days simply taking care of myself…a shower, a cup of coffee and I am out the door…do the work thing…wander home and decide whether or not I want to cook or go out with my sweet boy…putter around the house in the eve…surf the web, watch a little tv…cuddle in bed with a book of my choosing (as early or as late as I like.)  Occasionally Bree is home for a visit, and I make a better effort to cook and bake and be truly engaged in her life.

But a mother of a “little”….REALLY has to work!  We watched two little dudes (ages 3 & 5) this weekend…Thur-Sun.  Bree rolled in Fri afternoon to be the true Nanny…and we were simply her assistants!

  • “Littles” wake up early…and need milk poured.
  • They need reminders and assistance in brushing teeth and washing their faces.
  • When walking out the door to go to work, it is essential to remember both boys…backpacks (with homework done and signed)…and swimming trunks/towels for afternoon lessons…jackets zipped, hat on, and gloves that match.
  • When picking boys up from school/daycare, it is necessary to leave work at a reasonable time…and to grab all items from the hooks (backpack, sweatshirts that have been abandoned, art projects.)
  • When eating dinner at a restaurant, there are many things to consider…food that they will eat, how do you carry plates and trays and beverages and coats/hats…who will watch the food at the table of half eaten food when we need to go to the restroom?  Hmm?
  • Bedtime routines take time, so they need to start not long after dinner…play a game, take a bath, brush teeth, read books, tickle their backs, turn off the light…get some water, carry them back to bed, cuddle some more…give in and fall asleep in their bed.

I loved my time with these sweet boys! (Oh the cuddles and the cute stories!) And I am grateful that our friends trusted us enough to leave them in our care while they savored a little time for themselves in NYC.  And I am REALLY grateful for all of the incredible moms (and dads too!) that LOVE on their “littles” and invest in building creative, compassionate, responsible “big kids.”

5 thoughts on “TGIM? shout out to all moms!

  1. Thank you!!!! We had a fabulous wkend and got to reconnect, laugh and recover from the recent events of our life…….it is so great to have you guys in our lives! We love you,

  2. You are so sweet, Sara.
    All women should read this and take a little extra time being patient when trying to get pregnant. lol.
    But for real, this is the beautiful and the hard all rolled into one. It’s fun to see a Mom of a college girl appreciate how much work it was back when and for us to know that they won’t be “Littles” forever and we need to treasure every moment we can.

  3. I must say, it was quite the entertainment watching you & Bob maneuver the little dudes around. Priceless. Problem is that you do it so well, that all of our little ones want to be with the two of you! Your the best.

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