Mother Of the Groom parties

As women, we have spent our lives celebrating the major milestones with our best girlfriends…sweet 16’s…proms…graduations…weddings…baby showers and more.  So when a new milestone arrived for a friend, the creative minds of my dearest pals, found a reason to celebrate and recognize the adventure of becoming the “Mother of the Groom!”  In fact, it was sooo much fun, that I stole the idea and helped host a MOG party for another dear girlie in my life…one of my “B-studs” (my friends that meet for bible study at starbucks at 6 am on monday morns.)

Essentials for hosting your very own MOG of maybe even a MOB (mother of the bride) party:

  • invite your very best pals
  • prepare some delish food and drinks (We even got our very own personalized wine goblets. Food was a variety of apps at one party and apps/salad/pasta at the other…and cake at both!  A party deserves a special dessert!)
  • play a fun game (We played a version of Wedding What Ifs?  for example, What would Cheri do if Jamie’s zipper was down in the midst of the ceremony?  What would Kris do if her dad fell asleep during the wedding?)
  • and shower the MOG with gifts (emergency supply kit for the wedding…evening bag…a flask for fun…lotion/bubblebath for relaxing before/after the big day…negligee to help the MOG celebrate the “empty nest” with the FOG aka father of the groom.)  🙂

Such great times…

And then we celebrated the special wedding day…with a beautiful faith-filled wedding ceremony…a group hug…great dinner conversations and deep laughter…and singing and dancing.  Such fun.  Such special women to live life with!

3 thoughts on “Mother Of the Groom parties

  1. You are so amazing and so fun! Thank you for the wonderful memories and now a timeless entry in Living Life Half Full! TOTALLY cool!

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