it’s all about relationships

We saw the movie 50/50 last night. Yea…I cried.

And then I left with an incredible amount of gratitude for the people in my life. The movie shares the experience of a young man diagnosed with cancer…and the impact it makes on the relationships in his life. I would certainly recommend this movie…but bring your tissues…and be okay with a little edginess and raw humor.

But as I look at my own life…I am blessed with the relationships that filled my week.  A husband that teaches in the city with me and truly understands me like no other.  The frequent phone calls with my parents as I drove to and from work…hearing about the regular stuff of their life.  The text messages and calls from my college girl that kept me in the loop of her happenings.  My b’stud chics that shared dinner and a surprise party Monday night (more on that one later.) My fitness training friend that met me at the gym before dawn…and even baked me coconut, banana berry oatmeal this week.  My pals that shared drinks around a bonfire last night.  My girlfriend that made reservations for us at Biaggis and got tickets for my fav singer tonight! The moms that shared happy hour last week and even brought a personalized wine goblet for our favorite server Bella! The colleagues at work that helped keep things real and brought pastries when things got stressful.  The college buds that still held me accountable to eating healthy this week. The senior high girls that showed up on Wednesday and shared the stuff that stresses them out.

Those are my peeps at the moment.  And I love them and want them to know.  I am blessed.

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