smiles in my day

I was not really smiling when my alarm went off at 5:10 am.  But the great workout I had…and the time that I had…to drink a little coffee, watch some of the Today show, and still make it to work on time sure brought a smile to my face!  (You can read more about it on My Dream Cafe.)  🙂

Following that early morning workout, I texted one of the sweet senior high girls that I spend time with…(youth group/small group chick), asking her if she could teach me and the other girls how to make crepes tonight.  And she replied immediately (of course she would, she is a teenager…and she is responsible.)  And then when I asked about ingredients, she again replied immediately with the recipe!  Seriously!  This is at 7:17 am!  When I asked how she knew that so quickly, she simply said “I just have the recipe always handy!”  Now that is a pretty cool teenager!  🙂

Following a long day of work, a quick dinner at Chipotle and a rush home to prepare for the girls to arrive for small group and crepe making…I find a package in the mailbox.  A sweet bit of inspiration for the holiday season from my Arizona auntie.  Another big smile in my day!  🙂

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