social media for accountability

Gotta love when three old college pals living across the country can stay connected via social media…gotta really love it when it helps hold them accountable to healthy eating!  Two of my college track teammates and I have committed to a “healthy eating pact” this fall.  We have succeeded in one week with only one failing moment…and we are determined to stick this out!  So a shout out to my Chicago chick Melinda and my New Mexico rodeo mama Gina!

Essentially…eat healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks Monday-Friday (we may add either a dessert or something salty to our lunch…but not both)  If we fail, we owe $1 to the kitty.  It has yet been determined what will happen to that fund…I have already paid $1 for a glass of wine before dinner this week (but I had to give it some real consideration to determine whether it was worth it or not since I had to report back to the girls!)

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