everyone has a story

I received a great t-shirt a few years ago from one of my best pals that said “What’s your story?”  Sadly, the cute t shrunk and I passed it along to The Goodwill…but I still love to ask the question.

Everywhere I go, I seem to encounter the most interesting people.  Just the other night, our next-door neighbors and their friends were gathering in the front yard…70+ year olds, bringing lawn chairs, apps and wine to share, telling stories and asking questions…simply adorable!  It made me imagine my own life down the road…and it made me so appreciative of the great friends that are sharing the journey with me.

Then just yesterday…I reconnected with a college friend that I had not seen in over 20 years.  He had always been creative and witty and simply fun to be around.  Such an interesting soul…born in France…and then ending up in North Dakota under difficult circumstances.  And now he is living this great life…teaching French Lit and French Cinema (full French immersion for his students) in a high school in New Jersey.  He had spent several years in London…singing and working in theatres.  (Stay tuned for his memoir…it is in the works!)

And then tonight, we spent a few hours at a picnic with World Relief Minnesota and several refugee families that have been living and making the adjustments to life in the US.  Happy faces and broken English and tales of life in refugee camps.  Again, I am amazed at the lives that others lead.  It makes me keep asking, “What’s your story?”

One thought on “everyone has a story

  1. Oh to know people’s stories and that EVERYONE has one (or many)! Thank you so much for your sweet Bible verse last night! What a wonderful journey it is and this is just the beginning! God is just so good!

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