live your life in the moment

I just picked up this sign for my home earlier in the week at my brother-in-law’s store (which will be be selling merchandise on-line in August…so stay tuned!)  I loved the look of it…but even more, I loved the saying!  As many of you know, I am a planner…I like to know what is happening and to have an idea of what is up ahead….I use ical and the calendar on my cell phone and I just bought an “old school” paper-pen calendar to carry in my purse.

However, I am also determined to live in the moment…to be open to possibilities and to savor the moment while I am living it.


Soo…last night I had enjoyed a lovely evening celebrating a friend’s birthday, ran to Home Depot to pick up some 50% off plants for my deck, and was waiting at Pei Wei for my take-out chicken lettuce wraps when I received a phone call…

“What are you doing right now?….Do you want to go out on a boat?…Can we pick you up in five minutes?”

And of course I said, “Yes!”

So I grabbed my lettuce wraps to go, left my plants in the back of my vehicle in a parking lot at Tamarack Village…and hopped in their van.  It was a beautiful night on Lake Minnetonka, hearing stories and imagining the lives of the families living in such an incredible place, docking the boat for a drink at Lord Fletcher’s, and sharing in great conversations…so glad I said yes.  🙂


Be a little spontaneous….be open to opportunities…soak up the MOMENTS of your life and live a little!  Do not let another day pass you by, feeling the “hum ho of living status quo.”  Savor the blessings in your life…REALLY listen to the people you chat with…notice the beauty of your surroundings…live your life in the moment!

4 thoughts on “live your life in the moment

  1. Oh how I LOVE your new sign! Tonight I was blessed to hear Ann Voskamp speak & I think you would love her book, “A Thousand Gifts”…she was truly remarkable & as she spoke about how each moment is a gift!

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