beads and more

Still getting settled back into the routine of life…was awake at 6:30 and ready for the day (very untypical…I generally love to sleep in when I have the chance.)

I spent some time with my sister’s family yesterday…and had the opportunity to make plantain porridge with my Haitian nephew JP!  What a blast…he jumped right in…naming cinnamon “kannèl”…peeling and dicing the plantains…blending and stirring…and then deciding what we need to change the next time we make it!  It was awesome!

Bree and I also inventoried the amazing jewelry that we brought home from The Apparent Project.  Hoping we can continue to support the incredible work that is being done there…so if anyone is interested in shopping…we have the goods!

Now I am back to the work of preparing pics of the students that attend school at the orphanage…will be looking for sponsors to help pay their way for a year of school…I believe that $70 will cover it (2 uniforms and all of their text books for the year!)  Stay tuned for more info on that.  We have 30+ students that will need to be sponsored….here is a sneak peek at one of their sweet faces…


2 thoughts on “beads and more

  1. I can’t stand it! Peering into that child’s eyes I see a world of imagination. She is a beautiful sweet angel of God… Count my class in this year. Not sure if a classroom can sponsor, but Mrs. Marsh’s 2nd grade would love too! My heart is full of warmth and compassion just seeing this photo today and I am thankful and thanking God for the many abundant blessings He gives.

  2. Thanks Sara for continuing to bless us with your love for Haiti!! Mirlange is simply stunning!! Next time, we get to sample your plantain porridge!!

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