eating well

Following 28 days of eating all organic (everything we ate was fresh and not processed…Seriously!  The chicken came from the coop…the plantains came from the tree outside!)…drinking basically only water (with 2 colas and 2 glasses of wine)…staying away from the lure of my potato chip cravings for nearly a month…I have now returned to the land of food temptation!!!

I am finding that I desire to eat healthier.  I am still finding myself craving the deadly chips and dip…but I am trying soooo hard to make better choices.  It takes planning and effort to make a menu and grocery list…but the benefits include a healthier heart and more energy…

  • drinking as much water as i can
  • minimizing my wine and soda consumption
  • staying away from processed foods
  • choosing smaller portions
  • snacking throughout the day on healthier items (fruit, veggies, cheese, greek yogurt, nuts)
  • not eating late in the evening

I still indulged in a couple glasses of chardonnay with a girlfriend this week to accompany our bruschetta.  I still savored a slice of chocolate cake with ganache and a dollop of homemade whipped cream!  I still slurped down an orange soda with my steak taco late last night at my favorite eastside taco joint!  So no worries…no extremes here!  🙂

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