Remember in my last post from Haiti, I stated “I will keep my eyes open to the needs around me…whether in another part of the world or my next-door neighbor or a stranger that I encounter” ?

Well..on that final flight home, connecting between Chicago and Minneapolis, Bree and I were giddy.  We had recalled a similar experience as we were landing in Port au Prince 27 days prior, when the little girl behind us chanted “I LOVE HAITI!  I LOVE HAITI! Oh my gosh…Oh my gosh…Oh my gosh!  I LOVE HAITI!”  As we saw the lights of Minneapolis, we were filled up with soooo many thought about our own love for Haiti…and yet our love for family and friends and life back here in the US was overflowing.  We were beginning to “whisper-chant” a little “I LOVE AMERICA!”

…And that is when we noticed that the family across the aisle from us (a father, mother and two small sleeping boys) were looking out the window with anticipation…and the father was wearing a personal identification tag around his neck claiming the sponsoring organization that was bringing him here from Bhutan.

…And so, as we landed and made our way to baggage claim,  we attempted to communicate that they should follow us…Bree held the little boy’s hand as we descended the escalator and found the sponsors from the organization meeting them. (We certainly did not want them to be sitting and waiting in the terminal…like our refugee family did!  )

Hmmmm.  You just never know where those opportunities may arise.

I will keep my eyes open.

2 thoughts on “opportunities

  1. Bree and you are beautiful people…inside and out. Reading this post has given me such joy. My eyes are filled with tears or compassion.

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