Haiti day 24

We completed our English class today…we will truly miss these 30+ kiddos in our lives!  They reviewed all that they had learned…drew self-portraits…and played. Bree and I received kisses on our cheeks as they said “Mesi” and “Orevwa” on their way out….as tears came to our eyes.  We will always hold a special place in our hearts for Lasseur Ruth, Mirlange, Miay Love, Emerson, Jonathan Pierre, Fadia, John Fritz and many, many more!

I am certain that the lessons learned on this trip may not even be fully evident until I have returned home and begun processing all that was seen and experienced.  But as I begin wrapping up my time in Haiti, I am reminded of all the things that I am grateful for…

  1.  I am so happy to have lived in the “home” where Eli and JP both lived.  I have been given a glimpse into their early days and I am thrilled to know this part of their lives.
  2. I am inspired by the faith and patience of the Haitian people that I have met who continue to love God and worship, in the midst of such visible poverty and injustice.
  3. I am blessed by the love, affection and attempts to communicate in English of the little boys that we have lived with.  I will truly miss the “Good morning Sara!” greeting and hugs that I wake up to each day.  (Especially Stanley’s…he is an equal-opportunity hugger, making sure that Bree and I get the same amount of affection.)
  4. I have such a greater appreciation for the life that I have been blessed with and a reinforced desire to live each day with a true “attitude of gratitude” for all of the good things in my life.

Along with feeling so grateful, I am feeling a TAD BIT excited about some of the comforts of home, so please allow me to dream a bit here…

I am grateful that someone prepares my noon meal of rice/beans and a little bit of meat and my evening plantain porridge, but I am excited to be able to cook and dine out and savor the flavors at home…bruschetta, dark chocolate, and an iced vanilla latte, to name just a few cravings!

I am grateful for a cool shower at bedtime, but I will be excited to have the water spray stronger than a trickle.

I am grateful for the occasional (rare) city power and the evening generator hours, but it will be such a gift to have access to a computer, TV, fan, AC, and a refrigerator…ALL day long.

I am SO grateful for the outings we have experienced, but I will enjoy roads without hundreds of potholes/rocks, streets free from piles of trash, and rules for driving that make sense to me.

I am grateful to have experienced worship in French and also an English service with a mix of Haitians and Americans, but will be happy to be in my home church with my own faith family.

I am grateful to wake to sunshine every single morning, but I will be happy to leave the roosters outside my window here in Haiti.

I am so grateful to have had some contact with home via internet and texting, but I look forward to reconnecting with family and friends for deep conversations, fun activities and simply hanging out with the ones I love.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach English and touch the lives of these kiddos that show up each day, in hopes of a little learning, a little fun, and a hot meal, but I am actually looking forward to going back to work with the special ed folks in St. Paul Public Schools…I am blessed with a job I love.

I am grateful for the relaxed hours of each afternoon…napping, reading, playing cards and activities with the boys, but I long for a bit of my own active routine of tennis games, coffee dates with friends, walks around the lake, afternoon matinees and early happy hours on a patio.

I am so grateful for the time and conversations with my daughter, but I know how excited she is to reconnect with her daddy and her friends…..And have I mentioned how EXCITED I am to see my hubby? 🙂

One thought on “Haiti day 24

  1. Sara,
    What a God given blessing to be able to do something such as this. You have always been and always will give so much of yourself to others. I pray God blesses you immensely!

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