Haiti day 22

My sweet girl…please allow me to gush just a bit tonight…

I have probably not spent this much time with my daughter since she was just a newborn….before daycare started and school began…when we would spend 24/7 together.  But that is what we have done for the past 23 days (including our day of travel and night in Miami.)

And you know what?  It has been incredible!  I do believe that even if she were not my daughter, I would want to be her best friend.

She is confident and compassionate.  She is flexible, yet willing to speak her mind.  I have watched her interact with these sweet kiddos and boldly ask questions of the adults in other ministries.  I have seen her jump into Rock’s pick up on day-one and run errands while I tried to sleep off my stomach troubles.  She has spoken the truth to me and lifted me up when I would struggle, and yet she is honest and raw when she is feeling down. With every situation, she adapts and brings out the best in the people around her.

We have shared a bathroom, a bed, every meal, every moment…We have poured out our deepest secrets and many dreams…and we have laughed until we cried!  (So many great stories that we will always share!)

I feel incredibly blessed to see her as such an independent, God-loving young lady, and I cannot wait to see what her future brings.

I am so proud to be her mama.

2 thoughts on “Haiti day 22

  1. i know what you are talking about – I so much enjoyed my mom and I’s time together on our missions trip to Honduras. When God moves, he moves and it is great to witness him moving in someone you hold so dear. I love that you all are coming away from this with so many profound and life-changing experiences – you are both so precious in His sight!

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