Haiti day 21

Our adventure today took us to the beach!  I am not sure who was more excited…Bree and me or the three little dudes that have never been to a beach before!  In fact, it may have been over a year since they have even left the gates of the orphanage!  There was truly energy in the house this morning as they were dressing and packing their towels and change of clothes. On the drive there…one of the little dudes did not say a SINGLE word…I think he may have been a little overwhelmed…while his older brother could hardly stay seated, watching every thing passing by and giving “thumbs up” to people he saw along the way!

We ventured about an hour and a half to the coast and found this AMAZING resort called  Wahoo Bay Beach Club.  For a fee of $15 per adult and $5 for kiddos, we were in…and the view was breathtaking!  Aquamarine waters…mountains…and a beautifully quiet beach.  The boys (as well as Rock’s two nephews) began hesitantly splashing around in the water and by the time we were leaving, they were daring to come out to waist deep water with us. Favorite quote of the day…

  • Person at the beach:  Hi, what is your name?
  • Stanley: My name is Stanley.
  • Person at the beach:  How old are you?
  • Stanley:  I am good.

Looks like our English lessons have paid off a little bit…but I do believe we need to work on variations to How are you?  Maybe “How old are you” will be our lesson for Monday.  🙂

The beach day was a blessing for all!  It truly felt like a little slice of heaven!  🙂

And…for another little sweet moment in our day…we ordered cheeseburgers, french fries and coca colas on the beach!  Another first for the boys!

3 thoughts on “Haiti day 21

  1. Carol sent me the links to the blogs you and Bree are posting, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your entries. What an incredible experience you are having, and what a difference you both are making as you touch the lives of so many beautiful children.

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