Haiti day 20

Just a glimpse into a typical day for us…

5:30 am wake up to the sound of the roosters outside our window (they typically start around 3:30, but our earplugs keep the noise to a minimum) and bright morning sunshine

7:30 am breakfast (we have opted out of the daily breakfast and simply eat a slice of raisin bread with peanut butter)  Then we take our malaria prevention meds!  🙂

8:00-11:00 Teach English class….play outside with the kids when our teaching is complete…basketball, jumprope…

11:30 Lunch (Rice and beans with some sort of sauce with either a small portion of beef or fish)

12-7 This part of the day varies between napping, reading, playing cards, word games on the Kindle, laundry, interactions with the staff (English/Creole lessons or cooking) activities with the boys,  and outings with Rock

7-8:30 Computer time shared between the two of us…evening meal of plantain porridge is typically served on a tray during this time by Miss Naomi or Nadege

8:30 Shower and bedtime (try to be asleep before the power (aka our fans) goes out at 10)

One thought on “Haiti day 20

  1. Can’t wait to be filling up some of those hours in your day! Looking so forward to your return – and while the hours spent playing tennis or at the pool may not be as meaningful as your time teaching English and with those cute boys, we’ll sure have fun… And I’m sure you’re ready for some good American food, too 🙂

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