Haiti day 15

Just thought I would share some of the random things that we see when we are out driving around:

  • a goat on a leash
  • a man kicking back in a wheelbarrow-just relaxing!
  • cars, trucks, motorcycles, tap-taps, UN vehicles
  • people EVERYWHERE
  • pharmaceuticals for sale, taped to a bucket
  • live chickens in a basket
  • mountain views
  • stocking caps in 90 degree weather
  • police officers and UN workers
  • laundry strung on a line…even panties
  • cornfields
  • barbed wire around the perimeter of homes
  • remains of political posters plastered all over
  • palm trees and flowering trees
  • girls in frilly dresses and men in suits/ties
  • shoeshiners along the dusty road
  • mangoes, onions, garlic, carrots, bread, sugarcane…and more
  • brightly colored buildings
  • digicel signs and men in digicel aprons selling cell minutes on street corners
  • cows, goats, donkeys, pigs, dogs wandering
  • baskets and buckets and huge bags of rice and beans on women’s heads
  • kids in school uniforms
  • trash…in the streets, in full dumpsters, burning in the ditch
  • churches, shops and schools

There is “church” happening ALL the time…not too far from the orphanage…when we are in the classroom preparing for our school day, we hear singing and music…when we are on the computer in the evening, we hear the music.  God is good.  Such a gift to have the sounds of worship as a constant background.

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