haiti day 10

Just a quick one tonight…spent my computer time sending an email to my sweet boy back home!  🙂

Someone asked about the 3 boys…and yes, it is true, there are just 3 boys living in the orphanage. Following the earthquake, most of the children were able to go to the families awaiting them…leaving just these 3 remaining.  Without adoptions occurring yet (hopefully they will begin soon under this new president) the orphanage is unable to fund the addition of any more children.  The focus has switched to the addition of the school and feeding program.  A website is in the works to assist in further financial support and we are hoping to connect with the developer of this website next week when he arrives in Haiti.

So we are building close ties with these sweet little dudes…as well as the many that come to class each day.

p.s.  On another fun note….Bob cut a bunch of jumpropes for us to take…who knew they could be sooo much fun!

2 thoughts on “haiti day 10

  1. It has been really great to read you’re blog Sara! It sounds like you are having an enjoyable time with some awesome company. 🙂 I am inspired to do the same in the future.
    Btw…….need to know what kind of camera you’re using. Your pics are great!

  2. Glad to hear things are going so well for you girl (I had no doubt that they would – God guided you to Haiti and he will provide your needs and the desires of your heart – if He is anything, He is faithful!) You are such an inspiration – someone once told me “you may be the only bible that some people read” – think of all the scripture that these Haitians are getting tuned in to just being with you! God is so good! Be well my friend!

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