haiti day 5, 6, 7

Ok…I am not gonna lie…day 6 STRETCHED us beyond words.  We said our goodbyes to family late the night of day 4 and left the hotel to move into the orphanage on day 5.  The kids were so excited to see us and asked about “Lody (Lori), Avi, and Faith.”  The sweet staff made us dinner since they knew we “Americans” are accustomed to full meals in the evening…we were treated like royal guests!  (For any of you foodies out there, we had rice with sauteed fish and gravy, with a side of fresh julienned green beans and carrots.)

But sleeping was a bit of a challenge…heat like no other and no electricity (apparently in Haiti, even though you pay your electric bill each month, you just never know when they will choose to put it on)…plus 60 chickens and several roosters living outside our window who began cock-a-doodle-doing at 3:30 am.  Following my 1-2 hours of sleep I awoke with the stomach uglies….grrrr.  I sent Bree on errands with Rock, since she needed an outing and I took 2 tylenol pm’s and laid on the floor in Rock’s office for a nap.  The hours ticked by endlessly that day….

Thankfully Ms Naomi made us plantain porridge for an evening snack….the electric company decided to put the electricity on ALL night long…and my ear plugs worked like a charm!  I woke up this morning feeling like myself.  Praise the Lord!!!!!

So we began the process of painting!  The classroom is now a beautiful green!  (I will share a true color pic of Bree and Stanley to give you an idea.)  The day was full of blessings…

  • the internet guy came…and went…and came and went…and came again…and now we have internet!  Hallelujah!
  • the boys are charming!  I have begun to say “Hello Riky (or Stanley, or Ecclesiaste)” every time I see them…and now they reply “Hello Sara”  it is wonderful….they wait outside our bedroom door…and peek in our windows…and sit right with us EVERYWHERE we go…we had to kick them out a bit tonight for a little time with the computer  🙂
  • the food has been an interesting adventure…we had bananas with peppers, onions, and fried herring for b’fast this morn…the boys sit at the table beside us and eat quietly (and then we share our leftovers)
  • the generator kicked in just in time for an afternoon nap….I did a little dance and quickly crawled in bed with my kindle
  • we are masters of Uno…it is a PERFECT game with minimal communication necessary…everyone giggles when the “skip card” is played
  • “working out” with the boys was a blast…they were copying my every move! sweet lunges and step ups and running the stairs…
  • and time with my girlie is PRICELESS…we have had such amazing conversations…I am so grateful to be sharing this experience with her!

7 thoughts on “haiti day 5, 6, 7

  1. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Internet & rest & food adventures & beautiful paint! Thank you so much for brightening the classroom and for shining your light so brightly! ( I remember that room being so dreary & the hottest place I’ve ever been! ). The bonds you are making with the boys are priceless…thank you for showing them what love is all about! Namaste,sweet friend!
    Love, Sara

  2. Oh, this is beautiful! The gorgeous painted room, your sweetness with the kiddos, getting things up and runnign with the internet and feeling better! You and Bree are in my prayers! You are such an inspiration to me and so many others! you are being the hands and feet and voice and love of God! Praying for electricity to stay on, health, and more memories and adventures! Enjoy each moment! Love you, Jill

  3. Glad to see you have the internet running-it is neat to hear about your days in Haiti. Bree do you want to join our paint crew when you get back home? The green color looks bright and uplifting and it looks like you did a good job of applying the paint.
    Every time we have a meal here I feel a little guilty thinking about what you are going to have to eat the next few weeks. Mom and I are looking forward to hearing all your stories when you return. Hope Bob can get out here for some fishing while you are gone.

    Love, Papa

  4. Oh Sara…I’m reading your blog and am so thankful that you are there. So thankful that you can capture the beauty of children in your pictures. So thankful that you can share your incredible smile and love with each one that you meet. So thankful for your time with Bree and the wonderful conversations that you are having. I will pray pray pray for your stomach and body. So sorry that I didn’t say goodbye. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

  5. Absolutely loving being able to read you posts as well as Bree’s. You are truly amazing. Praying for continued success in all you are doing!

  6. “Hello Sara”
    The photo of Bree and Stanley is priceless! Got tested with a tough day and night, but sounds like you guys knocked it out of the park. Bob fills us in on texts and skypes, so you’ve got people here thinking about you and praying for your latest needs… We kept Bob a little busy this weekend watching Ben play baseball; doing our part here so he doesn’t have as much time to miss his girlies 🙂 Love reading your blogs – yay for the internet and earplugs!
    Love you both!

  7. I am really enjoying your blogs. Sounds like an amazing experience. DARLING picture of Bree. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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