haiti day 4

Okay…we will call this “two a day-plus two” cuz I just cannot select only two!  🙂

It was “report card day” at the orphanage today.  Wow. That is about all I can say about that. These kiddos were seriously so darn cute and polite and fun!  The communication gap did not even seem to be a barrier, as we played and attempted to learn names….it appears that all 40 may be returning on Monday for English classes!  Bree will be entering a 3 day “educator in training boot camp” beginning tomorrow (*note…I will be her teacher)…pray for both of us.  Thankfully I received email replies from 2 ELL teachers back home…shout out to Heidi and Marie!  Merci!

Today was also our last day with the Schlecht girlies!  My sis and her daughters return home tomorrow.  It has been such an incredible blessing to share this experience with them for the past 4 days…their gifts of compassion and love for the people of Haiti simply overflows in all that they do.  We experienced a trip of a lifetime, sharing this with them!  From the moment that Eli entered our family, we have been talking about a trip to Haiti…and we will be reminiscing about these moments for years to come.  We will truly miss our running dialogue throughout the day with them and our processing and sharing at night.  Hugs to all three of you!  xxxooo

And two more..just for fun…

Happy Birthday Mom/Nana! We love you!

And just check out this sweet little one…

Bon Nwit!  (Good night in Creole.)  🙂


2 thoughts on “haiti day 4

  1. Incredible Sara! i love your stories and your beautiful way of telling them. It sounds like your lives are already changed forever! What an amazing inspiration! Much love…can’t wait to read about Day 5! Prayers and love…..xoxo

  2. You are such a wonderful story teller Sara! I love it all comes right from your heart. I look forward to each daily update.
    As well, I learned, from your updates that Creole is similar to French. Love it!

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