haiti day 3

Back to my quest of selecting just two pics tonight following another eventful day.  The images and sights we saw today took us on an extreme tour of Haiti, from the street vendors to delightful eclectic decor shops.

But today I will share my thoughts on food and our time with the boys…


FOOD:  Our food experience has been limited as we are currently at the hotel and eating from their menu, so I have had chicken wings, cheeseburger and fries, and room service pizza tonight.  They all tasted amazing after full days of experiencing the city.  In anticipation for the orphanage move, I asked Rock about their meals.  He indicated that breakfast is typically a porridge/oatmeal, lunch is the largest meal of the day consisting of rice and beans and possibly chicken, and they will have an evening snack or supper that may be fruit or a sandwich.  He stated that is why there are few fat Haitians, as they eat most of their food at breakfast and lunch, with a minimal evening meal. (I could learn a thing or two while I am here!  So long late night happy hour apps!)  🙂  Today I bought bananas on the street from a sweet girl with a basket full of fruit…we also ate the melon that JP’s birth mom gave to Rock…both were DELIGHTFUL!  I am anxious to convince Rock to let us stop and buy some of the food I see alongside the road as we travel…mangoes, bbq chicken, and grilled corn…

THE BOYS:  The highlight of the day was the time spent at the orphanage…Benny from across the road was over playing…and two other neighbor boys joined in….we worked on a puzzle, shared our fruit, played catch, kicked soccer balls around, and shot some baskets.  They were all smiles and full of energy.  Picture taking was a hit!  They wanted to take them…they wanted to be in them…and they wanted to see them.  Everyone was having a great time…we are looking forward to spending the day with them tomorrow.  It will be “report card day” for the school children!

5 thoughts on “haiti day 3

  1. So sweet! Your enthusiasm about your time with the boys is so heartfelt! You are doing amazing things and I love hearing about every detail! :). I especially love your optimism to convince Rock of letting you venture out! Has he let Lori drive yet?? 🙂
    Love, Sara

    • 🙂 Lori has not driven just yet….but Bree did ask if she could ride in the back of the truck and he said that may be possible…so I am hoping that today we can have a little excursion! Lori most likely will climb in the back of the truck as well. 🙂 It is either that or a tap tap! Keep your fingers crossed! You were certainly missed on the shopping adventure yesterday. Lori has some GREAT finds…you would have loved being here! (ps THANKS for the great treat in Miami! You are seriously too sweet! LOVED my note…and your inspiration…and the extra bonus! Love you!)

  2. So when I saw “FOOD” in capital letters, I could not help but giggle! Only you could throw food in here as part of a “two a day”. LOVE IT! I am so proud of you two! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your daily experiences. Love ya, Amy

  3. I also giggled when I saw FOOD! I’ll be anxious to hear about your food experiences once you leave the hotel though! I look forward to the evening when I open up both of your blogs to read about your experiences of the day. Loving all the details of what you’re doing! Love you and praying for you my friend!

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