haiti day 2

My idea on sharing 2 pics and thoughts per day is going out the window…since I actually snapped 134 today…

Again I am exhausted…both physically and emotionally drained…so bear with me as I share the images from today with minimal commentary.  (Besides…my girlie is writing in her journal and is anxious to hop on the computer!)  🙂

The two themes of the day range from continued devastation in this land to the beauty and goodness of the people.

My sister is amazed at the progress in Haiti since the last time she was here, yet many tent cities remain, the destruction is still evident, and recent rainfall has caused further problems.

And yet the goodness and love of so many people shows such hope.  There is beauty in this place and the people we have met are kind and loving and determined.  We spent time at The Apparent Project today and felt the energy and joy of a house full of artisans.  We walked through their neighborhood and saw the homes that they have built.  We spent time with JP’s birth mother, sister and his new baby brother Fritz.  Along the way, boys hopped in the back of our truck to give us directions…and Rock patiently drove us throughout the city.  What a blessing.

Good night…another day tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “haiti day 2

  1. Ohhh I am in tears as I read this…baby Fritz. Oh what a day it must have been….I can’t imagine all that you are taking in and seeing and experiencing. Thinking of you all constantly….Love, Amy

  2. Oh Sarah! I am just so Proud of you and Bre! I have enjoyed your blog this morning, having just found it for the first time! I will be praying for you all . Thank you for what you are doing!

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