haiti day 2 part 2

It is 4:30 am…and I am feeling a bit more rested after a few hours of sleep!  🙂

But as I try to doze off again, my mind is wandering as I ponder our next big adventure…Rock (the director of the orphanage) has asked us to teach an English class to the children that have been attending the school this year.  These kiddos will be coming to the orphanage on Wednesday to pick up their report cards, so we are anxious to meet them!

English classes?  What a gift!  We have been trusting that there would be a plan…that God would use us and use our gifts…so here we go!  I have been in the business of education for 20+ years…teaching is my love.  Now to create some lesson plans…for a group of students that speak no English… 🙂

Praying that great ideas will come my way.  Good night.

4 thoughts on “haiti day 2 part 2

  1. Dear ones – So grateful to be able to follow your days in Haiti. The pictures help to refresh my memories. Praise God you will be able to use your teaching skills. Most of all to be able to show love & compassion to these children of God. May God continue to love & bless you. Love & prayers, Mom/Nana

  2. English classes?!? What an answer to prayer! How cool for you and Bree to be asked to give to the kids in that way. I know you will both be great, and I’m sure both of your creative minds are already working overtime… Enjoy the adventure! Love seeing the photos on both of your blogs. What an emotional time meeting JP’s mom. Wow. Well, keep sweating, keep sharing your heart with Haiti, and keep blogging. 🙂 Love ya, friend!

  3. Prayers are answered – teaching English…wonderful! There is no shortage of prayers and tears as I read of your journey. What a blessing you are to all the people who you come into contact with.
    Thank you, thank you for sharing your journey.

    Prayerfully ~

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