haiti day 1

My intent is to share a couple of pics and some random thoughts whenever I can access the internet…there are just too many thoughts to begin to process.  So let’s just start a little project called “two a day”…I hope that I can actually post two photos and a little commentary on a regular basis.

We were unable to purchase the satellite modem prior to leaving the US…so that may be one of our first purchases for the orphanage.  The director lives there when he is in the country and would love the access.  We may hunt one down before we move into A New Arrival…but for tonight we are staying at LePlaza (with free wifi!)

So here is a peek at our day…

We are overwhelmed at the views we saw today and the potential for what lies ahead.  The boys are adorable…Riky, Stanley and Eclesiaste…More news tomorrow…We are exhausted.

5 thoughts on “haiti day 1

  1. Oh I’m so thrilled to hear a little of your day! Thanks for posting the pics of the kiddos! It’s so good to see them! Tonight as you ponder all you have seen and heard, resting on those sweet fresh memories, know we are praying for you! Be sure to check out all the scenery at lePlaza…look high and low…then high again to see the moon, 🙂
    Love, Sara

  2. Oh that is amazing! I can’t believe you are all there together! you 5 can do anything – can’t wiat to heal all about it! Thanks for posting – give hugs to everyone!

  3. Ohhhh I love that you are there, have arrived safely, and already have some incredible impressions, experiences, and moments…..the journey begins and I will be reading and following everystep of the way. Blessings and love to the five of you!!!!! Love, Amy

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