final day of prep…

  • woke at 5am and chatted with the director of the orphanage on facebook chat
  • tearfully sent my hubby on a trip to california…will miss him during the next 32 days (cannot imagine couples that send their spouse off to war and LONG distances and times apart…new appreciation for my friend melinda’s adventures in that!)
  • got shots for hepatitis a and typhoid (thankful there are immunizations for these sort of things)
  • got a prescription to prevent malaria and an antibiotic in case we contract cholera (paid out of the pocket for bree’s meds since her college girl insurance does not cover them…whole new appreciation for those without insurance!)
  • received warnings about diarrhea and constipation and water and mosquitoes and rabid dogs (thankful for warnings…and thankful for belly laughter!)
  • enjoyed eggs benedict (yum) at lunch with my mom and daughter and sis and her kiddos
  • clarified to the best buy guy that we would be staying in an orphanage…NOT an orphanarium  ????  🙂
  • tried to find a satellite modem for the orphanage…still hoping and praying for success in the morn on that one!
  • enjoyed random surprises from friends…text messages…phone calls…and drive by blessings!
  • ended the day with pedis…to the smell of tuna fish…you may ask why?…we do not really know…just a lovely scent permeating the nail joint  🙂

When all else fails…flee the country!  We cannot wait to begin this adventure.  Hope we find an internet connection when we arrive…if not…we will catch you up in a month!

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