to do lists…

I have a calendar/agenda on my phone…and on my computer…and a big yellow legal pad with a list of things to accomplish.  I check and double check to make sure that I am at the right meeting and completing the right paperwork and contacting the right people most days at work.  I have grocery lists and menus and organized systems for many things in my life.  I can be reliable and responsible and very on-task.

So…going on this trip to Haiti with minimal plans and an open heart to simply meet the needs as they arise is a STRETCH for me. I trust that I can truly be present in the moment…and live with spontaneity.

But for now…I must check off a few more items on my to do list…

…5 days and counting!

7 thoughts on “to do lists…

  1. I get teary-eyed just thinking about the love and happiness you are going to share with the people of Haiti. You are doing God’s work and He will be saying – Well done, good and faithful servant.
    Praying for you!

    ~ Holly

  2. I think you should load some children’s books onto that Kindle! 🙂 And have a great transformation Sara…..because this is SO much more than a trip!

  3. Lots of prayers for all of you! what an amazing experience – what a blessing you will be – and how blessed you will be!

  4. What an amazing journey you are about to embark on SARA!!!! I am so excited for you and for all that is ahead for you and your sweet daughter. YOU will give and you will be given to. You will teach and you will learn. You will gift and you will be given gifts….OHHHHH you are truly God’s hands and feet and you will share your incredible gifts with others in the next month. Many, many prayers for you as you live with the Haitians and learn what they need and how we can continue to help!!!!! I hope to join you one day. LOVE and PRAYERS, Amy xoxoxo

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