things i do not do…part 2

Back in March, I decided to claim the things I do not do…and the response has been sooo interesting.  I received text messages from folks telling me the things that they do not do…I had chats with my girlfriends about the things they do not do…and just last weekend, a friend and I struck up a conversation about the things WE do not do…and so I am adding to my list:

  • i do not (or did not) let my kid order a happy meal (no point for me to get a crappy little plastic toy to clutter up the house)
  • i do not scrapbook
  • i do not apologize for napping
  • i do not wash my windows (it is minnesota, the land of wind and rain and snow and sleet)  what is the point?
  • i really do not do laundry since i have a hubby that is happy to do it
  • i do not do yard work or snow removal since we live in an association (i may plant a pot or two of some spring flowers)
  • i do not hunt or fish or camp
  • i do not do the crossword puzzle in the paper (but i like to do the one in people magazine)
  • i do not juggle
  • i do not drive a motorcycle or a mini-van
  • i do not eat tofu

Enough for now…what are the things that you do NOT do?

4 thoughts on “things i do not do…part 2

  1. Sara:
    I love your lists.
    As well, I do not do yard work, flower gardening, or snow removal. My hubby is in the industry and takes care of that sort of thing for us. I get to enjoy our beautiful lawn and flower gardens without any of the work. 🙂

  2. I love your lists, Sara! Here are a few things that i do NOT do:

    1. I do not get pedicures or manicures. I can paint my own nails and don’t like being massaged!
    2. I do not make my own spaghetti sauce…I love Prego!
    3. I do not shop sales, clearance bins/racks or clip coupons.
    4. I do not read the newspaper.
    5. Like you, I do not plan every minute of my weekend (or week). I love un-scheduled blocks of time.
    6. I do not do garage sales.
    7. I do not wear sweat pants.
    8. I do not watch scarry movies.
    9. I do not make “To Do” lists for my husband…he works hard enough!
    10. I do not journal.

    Thanks for always challenging me to think!

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