you just never know…

Just when you think you have a plan…life throws a curveball.  You just never know…

In partnership with World Relief, we had been anticipating the arrival of a new refugee family from Burma via a camp in Thailand.  They were scheduled to arrive tomorrow…a mom and dad and their five children under the age of 9…

But a phonecall came today with a new plan…they would be arriving tonight…a mom and dad and their four children age 9 and up.

A scurry of phonecalls, emails and text messages…a quick trip to their awaiting home to remove the diapers, little clothing and toys…and a gathering of folks to greet them at the airport.

We waited and waited at the baggage claim….then we headed to an empty gate…jumped on an airport transport cart driven by an older gentleman from Ethiopia to continue the mission to find our missing family…peeling through the airport, we weaved around travelers and luggage…dropping Bob off at the food court to search…finally finding them waiting on seats at the end of the terminal.

With hugs and attempts to welcome, a trip to the restroom, a ride down the escalator and into the parking ramp…they have arrived…and we are thrilled.

3 thoughts on “you just never know…

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