triple blessings around the world

We experienced blessings from around the world today…and we were just 20 minutes from home…

  • COLOMBIA-We started the day running a 5K with a co-worker in support of the The Fundación para la Asistencia de la Niñez Abandonada (FANA) orphanage, located in Bogotá, Colombia…honoring these adorable kiddos and providing for the children awaiting adoptions.  It was a beautiful morning for a run around Phalen Lake.
  • BURMA-Then we took Muh La Paw to shop for her first Mother’s Day gift at K-Mart.  She is a Karen teenager that arrived in Minnesota just a little over a year ago as a refugee from Burma…and this was her first opportunity to purchase a mother’s day gift for the grandmother who is raising her.
  • THAILAND-And we ended our day at a celebration for a former 6th grade student of my husband’s who is the current Miss Hmong Wausau…there were Hmong speeches and  bracelet blessing traditions and music and a dinner of sticky rice, chicken, pork and veggies.  It was a formal event…and we showed up in flip flops.  🙂

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