date night joys

It really does not take much for me to feel a little joy in life.  Tonight was date night…typically this occurs on Friday night…but due to other fun adventures…TONIGHT was date night for us.

We headed to our favorite Friday night hang out, on a Saturday night with just ten minutes left of “happy hour” rates.  Our favorite server saw us  with a buzzer, as we waited for a table to open up.  He wandered over and asked if we wanted to get our order in before happy hour ended..remembering EXACTLY what we order!  And of course we wanted to get our order in!  🙂  Within minutes, our drinks arrived, as we waited for a table…and then once we were seated, it was not long before our order showed up exactly as we wished…at the “happy hour” rate!  Oh joy!

Our second stop of the night was for  a second drink and dessert…and as soon as we arrived, the owner and his daughter greeted with a hug.  They stopped at the table to meet my sweet hubby and check on our night.  It made me feel loved and appreciated! Second joy of the night!

We do not live in a small town….and yet tonight felt like the feeling you get when someone knows you and remembers you and wants you to feel like you are valued.  It was a great night!  Truly great!

One thought on “date night joys

  1. I live smack dab in the middle of a big city and I also happen to live in a really tight knit community! LOVE seeing neighbors out and about, chatting over fences and in front yards and keeping an eye on each other at all times. We are not alone out here on this earth, we are surrounded by others who can bring so much richness to our lives. Glad your outing brought you a little extra TLC! 🙂

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