open toe shoes

For those of you that live in warmer parts of the world, this may seem like silly thinking.  But for any of you northern girls, you will totally understand.  Today marked the signs of happy days to come…I brought out the “open toe” shoes!

With the changing of the seasons here, I experience many moments of happiness.  At the end of a muggy hot summer, I am typically excited to pull out a pair of socks and shoes on a crisp day of fall…then comes the first snowfall of the season and I become giddy to dig out my uggs…and today the temps reached a point where I dared to bare my toes.  Hallelujah!

Along with open toe shoes today, I  also had the opportunity…to walk around the block without a stocking cap and gloves on…to sit on my neighbor’s front step for an afternoon chat…to drive with my window down and the fresh breeze blowing in.  Ahhh…

So amidst the stressful deadlines at work, mounting paperwork, bills to pay, dishes to do and clothes to wash…I can feel a little joy today with my open toe shoes.  And with that…I can already begin to anticipate the “flip flop season” that is just around the corner!  🙂

2 thoughts on “open toe shoes

  1. Oh I could not agree more mama!! I am so a daughter after your own heart….yesterday I was like a giddy little girl because I got to wear capris AND flip flops!! Now ready for round two today! 🙂 Its wonderful what weather can do to ones mood!! 🙂

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