girls weekend with the moms

Anyone that has peeked into my life knows how much I value the people in my life!  I am blessed with a fabulous family and some really amazing friends!  I have mentioned the girls in my life in previous posts…the “tennis girls” (that are also my book clubbers, chick flick dates, travel companions, and bible study pals)…the “work girls” that help keep me sane from 8-4 and beyond…and the “moms” that are a relatively new group in my life!

Well, I had the privilege to bond with this creative compassionate group of “moms” this weekend.  I connected with a couple of them as our kiddos journeyed through high school and off to college…and have enjoyed the addition of the other moms.  These are talented, bright women that include a church administrator, an assistant to a financial planner, a CAbi fashion consultant, an industrial engineer, a pharmaceutical sales rep, a child care provider/occupational therapy grad student, and a special education resource coordinator…we have grown up in various communities…we have kids that range from elementary age to college grads…we attend different churches…and yet our bond as women is strong.

We share similar views in making the most of our lives.  We look at life as “mostly sunny” as opposed to “partly cloudy”…we enjoy cooking and baking…and experimenting with new recipes…we can be spontaneous and meet for a happy hour in the middle of the week…we like to go for walks and exercise and maybe even arm wrestle. 🙂 We have surprising passions that pop out of nowhere…like following the live cam of a black bear den or an eagle nest!  We honor and encourage one another.

We see our roles as “moms” as one of our most treasured privileges in life…and yet we love our independence and our time together.  I savor my time with these special friends and am thankful for ALL of the great women in my life.


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