parenting 101

I went to a parenting seminar this week and learned something… I just hope it is not too late…our only child is 18!  🙂

The professor shared that it is most important to lead by example.

Hmmm?  Do I do that?  Do I demonstrate the values I desire for her in my day to day living?  Do I choose the right thing to do or say in situations that are difficult?  Do I show love and patience and kindness and compassion?  Do I find perseverance to stick with things through thick or thin?  Do I stand up for what I believe in? Do I let the little things go when I should?  Do I hope and dream for the right things?   Do I fill my days with good stuff?

I think if I realized the value in my choices and decisions from this perspective more often, I may choose differently.  I may slow down and listen and speak the truth.  I may remember that she is watching me closely.  I may choose wisely and confidently. I may doubt and worry less.  I may choose joy more often.

It was an interesting reminder to live intentionally…I think being a mom makes me a better person!  Even now…when my baby girl is 18.

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