sparkly moments.

When I arrived home today, there was a letter in the mail (WAIT…let me stop here…sparkly moment #1…a REAL letter!  YEA!) Sparkly moment #2 was that the letter was regarding a young man that had been one of my 2nd grade students…MANY years ago.   Sparkly moment #3 is that he will be graduating from Law School this spring.  Wow…I am so proud of him!

There are days that often feel like the movie Groundhog’s Day, when I go through the motions and follow the normal rituals and routines with a ho hum attitude.  And then when a “sparkly moment” occurs, I get a little smile on my face and feel so blessed with the life I am privileged to lead.

some sparkly moments for me this week…

  • a great song
  • unexpected treats at work
  • canceled meetings
  • phone calls from faraway friends
  • random text messages
  • sunny days
  • finding a bargain
  • quality lotion in a public bathroom
  • blue jean fridays
  • completing my “to do” list
  • drop in visitors
  • finding a forgotten gift card to Starbucks

Hope you have a few sparkly moments in your days!

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