farewell to breast cancer

Breast cancer is a terribly horrible disease…tests and treatments…chemo and radiation…hair loss…nausea…fatigue…surgery and recovery and waiting….

Yet through it all, crazy strength remains. My dear friend is one of the best cancer warriors I know!  She is positive and optimistic and realistic and REAL.  She shares from her heart and continues to live life with a passion.  She is surrounded by a team of believers that pray for her strength…and share in her everyday life…

From pink bracelets…to chemo drivers…to delivered dinners….to cards and phone calls and email messages…a bond has been created amongst “her people.”  She continues to amaze me, as she embraces the challenges she faces with a calm confidence and peace.

She makes me want to be a better person.

One thought on “farewell to breast cancer

  1. Could I be any more blessed to have you as my friend? Thank you for laughing, crying, celebrating, listening, asking and holding me through this journey and whatever God has planned for me ahead!! I love you Sara!

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