random things i loved today

these are some of the random things i loved today…in no particular order

  1. foodie thursday on cities 97
  2. watching the office in bed
  3. wearing socks to sleep in and then kicking them off during the mid of the night
  4. crest toothpaste with scope
  5. vaseline for my winter lips
  6. happy hour birthday fun with girlfriends
  7. flat bread pizza and southwestern quesadillas
  8. phone call with my dad about normal “day to day” life stuff
  9. honest conversations with colleagues at work
  10. text msg from my girlie…  “today was a good day”
  11. brain challenging training session
  12. sharing soup recipes on an early morning call
  13. yogurt/granola/berry parfait
  14. coffee and cream
  15. discovering new blogs
  16. tv night in borrowed sweats on a friend’s couch
  17. spice rubbed salmon and wheatberry citrus salad
  18. morning cuddles under “big brown” (that is what we call our cozy comforter)
  19. laptops that can travel from work…to a friend’s kitchen counter…to my bed
  20. “good night” texts from a hubby on vacation in vegas

20 little random things…it was a good day.

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