i love birthdays.

There is something really special about celebrating someone’s birthday.  It is a day to truly honor them!  And to show the appreciation that we have for them!  I celebrated a dear friend’s 50th today and will be sharing in the fun of a 40th this weekend!

So when it is your birthday…feel free to make the most of it!  Take the day off from work!  Skip the housework-no laundry duties on your b’day! Sleep in or stay up late!   Surround yourself with your favorite people and indulge!  (I plan on doing that on my special day!)  🙂

It is your one day to claim as your own.  It gives you freedom to do what you want to do and to be pampered in all the ways that you deserve!  It your day to reflect on the incredible blessings in your life!  It is a day to plan and dream for the year ahead and all of it’s possibilities!

So Happy Happy Birthdays to Kathy and Ann!  May you feel loved!

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