the girls can cook!

There are so many responsibilities when raising a girl these days.  You just hope that when your child heads out into the great big world, she will be kind and considerate and confident and ready to be the woman you always hoped and dreamed that she would become.  You hope and pray that she does not settle for less than she deserves…that she will find fulfillment in all that she chooses…that she will surround herself with good people…that she will make great choices…and that she will feel peace and joy in life.

Who knew that you were supposed to teach her to cook!  Apparently I have slacked in that area!  🙂  So tonight began “Cooking 101” for the 18 year old that sets a smoke alarm off when making a sunny side up egg!

The great thing about this lesson is that she shared it with a best friend!  And her mom!  So the intent was that the moms could sit and drink a little wine, as we taught the girls a few tips in the kitchen!  However it was not long before we jumped in and diced and sliced and demonstrated the finer skills of greasing and flouring ramekins!

Yet…what an incredibly delightful night!  One that I will treasure for years to come…

The menu:

Chips with Mango Salsa

Olive Garden Copycat Salad

Penne with Pancetta and Tomato Cream Sauce


Molten Chocolate Cakes for dessert

Wish I had more pics of the girls cooking in the kitchen! What a treasured night.  Cannot wait for the day to come when they will plan the menu and cook for us!

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