january 2011…resolutions!

Oh joy…it is time once again for establishing some “new year’s resolutions!”  And if you read my post during the back-to-school season, you know that I actually do enjoy the fresh start of setting some goals and trying to reprioritize my life.

So here goes…biblically we are called to “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”  And also to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  So…that is my desire. But how does that look for me?  Each one of us may interpret those commands differently…but here is my take for 2011.

I intend to focus my time and energy this year on…loving God and loving others.

If something I am choosing to do does not fit in that request…then I need to let it go.  And in loving God, I must also care for the mind, body and soul that he gave me.  So…read on…and click the link to find out more…

  1. I will pray and study…enjoying my daily dose of Jesus Calling, and recommitting to a study at 6 am on Mondays with great friends, as well as reading the good old book itself.
  2. I will eat good food…favorite food blogs that inspire me…Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, My Baking Addiction, and Epicurious.
  3. I will workout regularly…trying to keep running and lifting.
  4. I will read good books…on my “to-read” list Radical by David Platt, Tyler Florence Family Meal and The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel.
  5. I will love others…family and friends and folks that cross my path.

I am looking forward to sharing time with friends tomorrow at Enjoy! And I am a regular at Ray J’s for Friday Date Night.  Hoping to try a few other new spots in the new year… Marx, Crave, Meritage.

Not that it is all about eating…but great conversation can occur over a glass of wine and some delish food!

So here’s to wishing you a wondrous 2011!  Be blessed!  Maybe with some bruschetta!  🙂

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