to kindle or not?

I am looking for some wise advice today…am I ready for a Kindle?  My girlfriends are persuading me that it is time and I have just not yet relinquished the idea of books.  I love to browse for books…I love opening a new book or returning to a worn, well loved book…I love having my favorites stacked on shelves, ready to share with friends…I love to snuggle up in the sunroom with a book to read.  Can I get the same enjoyment from  a Kindle?  Girlie #1 keeps telling me that we can “share” books on there…I do not really even know what that means.  Girlie #2 has persuaded me with the thought of traveling with multiple books in a sweet little tiny device.

I remember when our teeny-bopper tried to hook us all up with texting and my husband and I both thought it was ridiculous.  “Just call the person for crying out loud!”  …Now however we are not sure we could even make it without the ease of texting!  🙂

So…what do you think…to kindle or not?

8 thoughts on “to kindle or not?

  1. Oh sis…I feel your exact thoughts. Scott surprised me with a Nook for my birthday, and as you know with me, I am not so good at hiding my emotions on my face. 🙂 I just told him that I wasn’t sure I would use it and I felt badly that he had spent so much money on something I may not use. He said he wanted me to try it and iIcould return it in the next 30 days if I wasn’t a fan. Oh I am soooo glad I tried it. I LOVE it! I even have loaded a bible and my daily devotional on there as well as the novel and non-fiction book that I am reading at the time. It has simplified my life and I really love it. Of course, I don’t download the books that I want to write in, underline, highlight, and there are books that I really just LOVE and want the real copy, but as a Nook skeptic at first, I now give it a 2 thumbs up! 🙂 Love you sis! 🙂

  2. As someone who has reaped the benefits of your book collection in the past and loves the opportunity to pass my favorite pages along to other kindred spirits (who, perhaps may not be as technologically or monetarily inclined) I think something sacred would be lost. Just sayin’….

  3. I love using books as decorations, etc… I also love book exchanges and things of that nature… so I tend to want to lean towards the good old paper-back…. having said that, I love the idea of simplified living and having it all with you in one place when you travel, go to the beach, or are just sitting at a coffee shop makes the Kindle very appealing!

  4. I have vote YES for the Kindle! When I travel, I love that I have lots of books downloaded to my Kindle in case I’m not in the mood to read the one I planned. I also love having my bible, devotional, and photography books all along with me in one compact reader. You wouldn’t have to load your carry-on to save luggage pounds (like when we went to Tucson!). I love throwing it in my purse in case I have to wait at the dentist or doctor. I also love how easy it is to read the screen outside on my deck (with a glass of wine in one hand and the other hand free for “turning” pages!). I also love being about to make the font super-big when I forget my cheaters! Finally, when it’s cold at night, I love that I can be a snuggled under the covers with just one hand at a time peeking out to turn pages!! I know you would LOVE one!!

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