…so very thankful

Thanksgiving Day.  The turkey is roasting…the stuffing is mixed and ready to pop in the oven…potatoes are ready to be peeled…the table is ready to be set…and my guests shall be arriving shortly…

I love the food…and the family time…but this is really all about being thankful!  I am so grateful for all of the big things in life-my family and friends and health and wealth (well at least enough to pay my bills and plan for a little black friday shopping) and security and shelter and heat and all.  I am thankful for “big blessings this year” like the addition of my Haitian nephew to our family and “big blessings this week” like the complete disappearance of my friend’s cancerous tumor!  Hallelujah!

But I am also so very thankful for the little blessings in my day to day life…

  • a good cup of coffee with cream
  • lazy afternoons of reading and napping
  • facebook chatting with my nieces
  • trader joe’s
  • drop in visitors
  • getting a letter in the mail
  • sunny mornings
  • cuddles with my teenager
  • …or even just sweet text messages from her in the middle of my work day
  • anything creamy and cheesy
  • browsing through cookbooks
  • wearing slippers
  • friday date nights with wings and pizza
  • vanilla sugar candles
  • turtlenecks
  • bubble baths by candlelight
  • sneaking treats into a movie
  • peanut butter toast
  • fresh herbs
  • moonlit nights

…and so much more!  May God bless you all on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

3 thoughts on “…so very thankful

  1. You have always been and still are such an amazing lady! I love your posts and enjoy how you help others see and appreciate the “little” things in life. Thank you!

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