bittersweet review


Weeks ago, I was blessed to receive my free copy of this book from Zondervan under the condition that I would review it when I was done.  Well it took me awhile to complete the reading, since I read and reread and soaked it all up, but here are my thoughts…thank you Zondervan and thank you Ms. Niequist!

“This collection is an ode to all things bittersweet, to life at the edges, a love letter to what change can do in us.” Shauna Niequist, author of Cold Tangerines, bares her true soul in the snippets of life shared in her new book Bittersweet. She is real and raw and clever and compassionate.  She recognizes the spiritual moments in daily life and challenges the reader to think and respond.  In her thoughts on “Things I Don’t Do,” I found myself wanting to make my own list…I don’t dust unless I have to…I don’t eat cottage cheese. She shares the small moments and deep valleys of life in a thoughtful, reflective, lyrical sort of way. Things are stated that I may have thought before, but never dared to say out loud.  There are surprising little bursts of humor and yet moments revealing her deepest sadness.  As I read, I found myself sharing portions aloud to my husband or emailing random pieces to my friends.  I savored every little bit of Bittersweet and look forward to her next piece in this journey of life…Bread and Wine.

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