things i love…from vacation to reality

We are finishing up our long weekend away and I am seeing a trend in the things that I love.  From one vacation to the next, my photos seem similar…and I desire to maintain the things I love once I return to the land of reality.

  • I really just love to be with the people that inspire me and encourage me and love me for who I am…
  • I love a little quiet time in the morning with a cup of coffee…
  • I love to get some fresh air and a walk/jog…with good music on the ipod…
  • I love to watch the sunset…
  • I love good food…from farmer’s markets to dinner out to cooking to late night pizza…
  • I love afternoon naps…
  • I love to observe people…
  • And I love to live life half full!

3 thoughts on “things i love…from vacation to reality

  1. Sara,

    It looks like it was a very fun and relaxing vacation! Your photos are gorgeous. What a great time, you deserve every moment of it! Hope you are starting the week feeling refreshed! Have a happy day! Kris

  2. People watching – my fav! I love to sit and think about what their story must be! I’m glad you had a great time that was met by favor on the journey back to reality! God has such a great way of sneaking those things in at just the right time!

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