my reasons for vacation

I am blessed to have a job that I enjoy and that pays me well enough to enjoy a bit of the “good life” often enough …but I must admit, it is also a job that drains the life out of me occasionally.  When I am working, I tend to pour my whole heart into it, investing in the lives of children/families in poverty, advocating for the needs of those with disabilities, empowering staff to persevere when the demands of standardized testing, student behaviors and mounds of paperwork seem overwhelming.  So when an opportunity for a little R & R arises, I am ready to go!  Here are my top reasons for taking a vacation…

  1. Anticipation….sometimes just the idea of an upcoming vacation can get me through the demands of daily life.  It is kind of like the “dangling carrot” ahead of me in the race I am running.
  2. A departure from routine/responsibilities…replacing an early alarm clock, hectic pace of work and other commitments…to a relaxed feeling of waking when I desire to a low key plan for the day that may include a nap at some point.
  3. Recommitment to relationships…whether I am on vacation with my sweet hubby or baby girl or family or friends…it is a time to value the ones I love.  It provides uninterrupted time to chat or walk or play games or simply just be in each other’s presence…ahhh!
  4. Expand my experiences…from new places to see…new foods to try…new people to watch.  I often come away with a new appreciation for something!
  5. Recovery…a few days away from the day to day deal often gives me a feeling of rejuvenation…a renewed sense of who I am and what I have been called to do.  I am typically ready to get back to work and ready to make a difference again!

So, if you are not currently on vacation,  have not had one in awhile, and are not in anticipation mode…may I recommend a little break.  You may not even need to travel from home…try a “staycation” and keep your jammies on all day…order in from a new restaurant…turn off your cell phone for a few hours…stay up late watching a tv marathon on bravo…sit in a coffee shop and observe the folks around you.  Rest and relax and reflect on your life.  Enjoy!

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