i wanna be a runner

Every few months or so, the desire to be a runner pops up out of nowhere.  Well not completely out of the blue….I used to be a runner…or maybe a sprinter.  In fact, I may still have a record or two out there in random locales like Monticello or Minot for my efforts in a hundred meter dash or a random relay.

But now I long to be a runner….a real runner.  Like those gals I see early in the morning on my way to work, jogging in the early morning light with ease…or the ones out at a lunch break.  They seem so confident and relaxed and truly at peace.  That is what I want.  I long for the time and energy to be a runner.

Instead I plug away with my walking pace…trying to step it up a bit…just enough to get my heart rate going and endorphins flowing.  I packed my sneakers today, but passed up a run to meet some friends for a glass of wine and some apps instead. No regrets here!  🙂

I lack discipline and endurance and cardio skills to really be a runner.  But I wanna be one!  So maybe tomorrow I will be a runner…


2 thoughts on “i wanna be a runner

  1. Sara,
    First a slight correction. Those people who look like they are running with ease? Probably not. Running is hard. Even a seasoned runner will tell you that. I would NEVER call myself seasoned but I do call myself a runner and I always, ALWAYS want to quit the first 15 minutes of a run. If you really want to get back into it, try the C25K (couch to 5K) training program. Alot of bloggers I read have had a lot of success with that. It’s a great way to ease back into it bit by bit.

    Of course, wine and appy’s with friends is ALWAYS a great choice too! 🙂

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