surfing the day away

I love my computer time…checking/sending email, connecting with friends via facebook, skyping my college girl, researching new recipes and travel spots, accessing info vital to my survival…

However, I have discovered that it can suck away endless amounts of time!  I may hop on to complete a quick task and then notice that hours have flew by as I surfed my way into the abyss.  If you are here, reading my blog, my guess is that you may relate.

Here are a few of my sneaky time snags…

Facebook frolicking takes me from reading statuses to looking at recent photos to commenting to messaging to the ever crazy stalking of friends of friends…  When I find myself viewing travel pics or birthday shots of someone that I do not even know, I realize I have gone just a little too far.

A second time waster can be my destination dreaming.  I begin a quick search to find a possible hot spot for an upcoming vacation, and the next thing you know, I am traveling all over the screen with hotels and restaurants and coupons for potential places…I may not even have a trip planned, but I find myself printing and planning and the time is flying.

A third favorite of mine is recipe wandering.  I may have a hankering for a new squash soup, so I type in a search and begin to scroll through one recipe after another….finding fabulous variations and side dishes and desserts!  I occasionally get so carried away that I forget to start dinner and need to order pizza instead!

Oh the joys of having information at our finger tips…just a click away!  I will always love to surf…I just may need to remember to hop off this techy tool in order to live life for real.  You know, real conversations (face to face) and experience real destinations (with my coupons) and grab a friend or two for a night of cooking in my kitchen.

Thanks for reading…and remember surf safely!  🙂

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