I am a summer girl…I love the beach…hot lazy days…vacation time. But this weekend I embraced fall. The cool weather sweatshirt season…the amazing colors…the brown sugar baked squash. I attended a weekend retreat with some of my favorite people and walked away with a renewed sense of contentment.

For some reason, the world we live in fills our little minds with the concept that we always need just one more thing…check out the song by Sara Groves…All I Need.  No matter what we have…there is always just one more thing we think we want or neeeeed!

I am learning to be content…to love the life I live and to make the most of each day…to love the season that I am in…so here’s to fall!

5 thoughts on “contentment

  1. Thanks for the reminders…learn to love the life you’ve been given and make the most of every day. You look fantastic and I miss working with you.

  2. I am so with you!!! and your photos instantly brought me back to a lovely fall day at a blessed retreat and deep conversations about life with you and Jeff Leimer……..lovely memories………

  3. Hi Sar-
    I am in the abyss right now going from email to facebook to blogs… I love your pictures. They capture what I felt on my long walk during the retreat. Thanks for posting them. Love you! And happy weekend! ~M

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