sweet sisterhood

Let me post a disclaimer first…I adore my hubby and he truly is my best friend!  We thoroughly enjoy our time together…date nights, dinners in and out, watching silly tv together, running errands…all of it!  I am not quite sure what I would do without him!  From good old “Jerry Maguire”….he completes me! ahhh! gush!

So, with that said…let me talk about the sweet sisterhood that also fills my world!  I have a little sis that is truly the most compassionate and creative person that I know.  She gives and inspires and makes the world a better place.  And then I have my sisterhood of girlies!  Oh, what would I do without them?  If you have your own gal pals, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  If not, read on, and then go out and get yourself some!

Here is a brief (or maybe not so brief) synopsis of my week with my sweet sisterhood!

  • Spent a much-needed lazy Saturday with my girl, enjoying a pasta lunch, shopping, lounging in her dorm room, working on homework for her and menu planning for me…followed up with picking up a crew of friends to drop off at the football game before I headed home.  Hugs!
  • Wig shopping and Caribbean Martinis with some chicas that all adore my dear sweet friend that started chemo for breast cancer this week.  She was humble and vulnerable enough to invite us to join in this adventure…and the friends, including a real sis that flew in from Vegas, are an amazing bunch of Godly, witty, loving women that have already begun to pour their hearts into prayer and their actions to work to help one another.  I am privileged to be included!
  • Enjoyed a lengthy chat with my own little sis over the phone filled with hopes and dreams for our kiddos, encouragement and realness filled the conversation.  Her passion for Haiti has overflowed to become a passion of mine…and now we imagine our next steps in that journey.
  • Met a girlfriend at a coffee shop to discuss our Beth Moore study “Breaking Free” and she listened soooo patiently as I whined about my crappy day…and then she took the time the following day to text and ask how I was…what a blessing to me!
  • Enjoyed a glass of wine with the “moms” as we shared the common bond of our motherhood to “young adults” out in the world of independence…as well as the changing world of our aging parents…not you mom, if you are reading this!  🙂
  • Even had a sleepover on Friday night while my hubby was away on a retreat.  I arrived late in the evening to a kitchen smelling of roasted garlic…with apps that included seafood stuffed portabellas and slow-baked tomatoes with garlic and mint, served over a smear of goat cheese on toasted ciabatta bread.
  • Received sweet inspiration in the mail from my dear college roommate and a colleague from work.  Another affirmation that I need to follow my resolution to write more letters…cuz it was awesome to get mail!  🙂

So…to all my girlfriends reading this…THANK YOU…for loving me for who I am and for inspiring me to be the best that I can be!  Love you all!

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