meeting needs

I attended the first session of youth group tonight for the season…you know as a volunteer…not as a youth (thought I would clarify that.)  My job tonight was just loving on kids and letting God’s love flow through me…mingle and participate…facilitate small group discussion.

Well…the teaching was all about meeting the needs of others…physically, emotionally and spiritually. We heard the overall teaching and then broke into small groups to discuss.

The best thing in working with these teens is that I am often the one walking away with new understanding.  You know I have heard this before, but it is just too darn easy to get caught up in the entitlement of feeling like God is supposed to be busy meeting my needs!  And yet here I am being challenged to meet the needs of others…

  • physically…clothing, shelter, food
  • emotionally…acceptance, love, recognition
  • spiritually…forgiveness and grace

So as I begin yet another brand new day tomorrow…I am reminded to reach out and let His love flow…maybe to extend some kindness to someone…to look for an opportunity to share an open mind or a humble heart.  I need to move out of my bubble and see the needs of others.

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