resolutions revisited

Tomorrow begins the official start to a new school year…I have worked a week already in preparation…but tomorrow is the day that that students arrive…the real beginning!  Having been in this world for twenty+ years, you would think it would become old news…but I still get the first day jitters…still pick out a new outfit to wear…buy new folders, post its and desk accessories!  So with just a week or so underway, let me revisit my resolutions…

  1. pack a lunch every day (one is packed and in the fridge for tomorrow!)
  2. write more letters (got the addresses ready for a couple of college gals!)
  3. 2 days cardio/2 days strength/1 day yoga (probably at about 50% on this one)
  4. complete a beth moore study (first week complete…loving it!)
  5. master the skill of skyping my college girl  (it’s only been a week…still relying on text messages and phone calls)
  6. learn at least one new recipe per month (selected Chicken Taquitos for my September recipe…stay tuned for results!)
  7. read a classic (i have chosen anna karenina)  (FAIL…was enjoying it, but with the beth moore study…a bill hybels book for monday mornings…and Same Kind of Different as Me for book club…there was no time for it…will recommit to that next summer.)
  8. switch to an electronic calendar (a colleague taught me ical…see below!)  LOVING it!
  9. invest in the lives of teenagers  (youth group begins next Sunday…small group every other Wednesday)
  10. go to bed by 10 (still working on this one…but so tired in the am…need to make this a priority!)

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